Business Law Attorney in Franklin, Greenwood and Martinsville, IN

Clients seeking business law services have a variety of needs that Dillon Legal Group is prepared to meet. From establishing your business to assisting you with contracts, we are prepared to protect your interests. If you are starting a new business or looking to grown an existing one, our attorneys can advise you during the process of incorporation, obtaining regulatory approvals, or leasing facilities. Should disputes arise, we can help you resolve them through litigation or mediation. Afterward, in the event you are owed compensation we can assist as you pursue collections.

Business Formation, Operation, and Dissolution

We advise entrepreneurs in matters of business law throughout the process of forming, operating, and dissolving businesses. One of the first steps you will take as is establishing your business as a legal entity. We understand that the decisions made during these processes can have long-lasting consequences for your business endeavor. There are multiple entities that can be formed on your behalf under Indiana's business laws, and we can advise you in making the choice that best fits your individual needs.

During the operation of your business, we can use our knowledge to help you protect your assets, safeguard the financial stability of your business, and avoid litigation. We offer consultation to ensure compliance with employment law and the regulatory environment your business faces.

Contract Law

With our knowledge of contract law, Dillon Legal Group can assist you in drafting and reviewing contracts, as well as evaluating and pursuing your options for legal recourse when someone violates the terms a contract you signed. A well drafted agreement can be essential to the protection of your interests by encouraging compliance with a contract through precision in language or articulating consequences for nonperformance where possible. Often, a well drafted agreement can save you the high cost of court intervention when a contract is breached. If you are a small business owner, attempting to draft contracts yourself or relying on generic templates can put you at risk. When you have questions about a contract involving your business venture, you can count on Dillon Legal Group to be your trusted advisor.

Risk Management

Risk management is an essential step in to protecting your business endeavors. We can assist you in implementing strategies to identify risks, limit liability exposure, and proactively avoid disputes. Our attorneys can assist you in drafting employee handbooks or training employees on appropriate rules of conduct and business ethics.

Professional Mediation

Dillon Legal Group provides civil mediation services to individuals and businesses in central and southern Indiana. The mediation process can often be much less costly for businesses and a more private way to resolve any issues or disputes between any individuals within a business. With our help, the mediation will also save you time that would be lost in a normal courtroom. If you need the services of a mediator or if you need an attorney to represent you during the process of mediation, contact us for an evaluation of your case.