Need a Protective Order in Franklin, Greenwood or Martinsville, IN?

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Indiana criminal law allows victims of harassment, sex crimes or violence to seek legal protections in the form of restraining orders (also known as protective orders). Respondents who violate these orders can face criminal charges. If you need assistance filing a petition in Franklin, Greenwood or Martinsville, IN, contact Dillon Legal Group, P.C.

A criminal defense attorney can take the stress out of obtaining a protective order by...

  • Filing your petition with the appropriate court
  • Presenting evidence proving your abuser's threats are credible
  • Representing you at the hearing, if needed, so you don't have to interact with your abuser in court
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Protecting your best interests

Many Franklin, Greenwood and Martinsville, IN residents would do anything in their power to protect their families. Similarly, we'll do everything in our power to protect you. Your dedicated criminal defense attorney will use the latest in legal technology to communicate with you and build your case for a protective order.

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