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Indiana is one of the toughest states on drug crimes. If you've been charged with drug possession in Franklin, Greenwood or Martinsville, IN, you might have found that out the hard way. Retaining a criminal defense attorney could mean the difference between freedom and prison.

Dillon Legal Group, P.C. represents clients who are facing drug charges for the possession of...

  • Schedule I drugs like heroin
  • Schedule II drugs like OxyContin
  • Schedule III drugs like anabolic steroids
  • Schedule IV drugs like Xanax
  • Schedule V drugs like Lyrica
No matter what degree of drug possession charges you're facing, take your future seriously by retaining a criminal law attorney. Call 317-738-2525 now for a consultation.

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You don't have to seek representation, but retaining a lawyer is a smart move. We'll fight your drug charges tirelessly.

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