Civil Mediation Attorney in Franklin, Greenwood and Martinsville, IN

What is mediation?

Mediation is not neighbor or marriage counseling, nor is it a way to file a lawsuit. The goal of mediation is for both sides of a dispute to arrive at an agreement they can accept. To form this agreement, a mediator acts as the communication link between both sides through informal and confidential discussions. A mediator is not a judge and does not offer legal advice. Instead, they help parties come to favorable decisions on their own.

Let an Unbiased Party Work Through Your Dispute

Find out what a civil mediation attorney in Franklin, Greenwood and Martinsville, IN can do for you

You've tried to settle this dispute on your own, but to no avail. No matter what you do, you just can't seem to find a solution that works for both you and the conflicting party.

The Dillon Legal Group, P.C. understands the frustration that comes from dealing with a feud, especially if that disagreement involves legal matters. By hiring a civil mediation attorney from our law firm, you can air out your frustrations to an unbiased party. After hearing both sides of the dispute, our civil mediation attorney can help you resolve the problem once and for all.

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What is divorce mediation?

If you're seeking a divorce in Franklin, IN or the surrounding area, the court might order you to come up with agreeable divorce terms through mediation. By communicating through a civil mediator, both parties can have more control over the end result. Clients can negotiate mutually agreeable terms rather than risk having a court impose less favorable ones. If civil mediation is not enough to solve your disputes, the Dillon Legal Group, P.C. can help you try other methods.

While mediation offers distinct advantages over litigation in certain situations, like some divorces, not all disputes can be resolved in this manner. A civil mediation attorney from the Dillon Legal Group, P.C. can help you decide whether mediation is right for your situation.

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